Bioinformatics PhD Student Organizes Math and Computer Science Symposium

Breanna Shi secured funding, co-organized, and instructed a Math and Computer Science symposium on the topic of "Introduction to Machine Learning."

Introduction to Machine Learning
April 22, 2023
Klaus 1447

The Math and Computer Science Symposium at Georgia Tech focused on the topic of Introduction to Machine Learning. The event was targeted to individuals interested in incorporating machine learning into their research, but who are new to mathematics and computer science. This symposium was designed to expose non-Computer Science majors to machine learning applications in a low-stress environment.

Co-organizers: Breanna Shi, Christin Salley
Sponsors:  Lisa Simonyi, the IAS Women and Mathematics Program
•    7:30-9:00: Arrival, Check-in, Workshop Materials Overview
•    9-10am: Breakfast
•    10-11am: Intro to Python (learn the basics of python)
•    11-12pm: Intro to Linear Algebra (learn applicable linear algebra that relates to machine learning) 
•    12-1pm: Lunch
•    1-2pm: Intro to Statistics (learn applicable statistics that relates to machine learning) 
•    2-3pm: Intro to Machine Learning (learn the basics of machine learning)
•    3-4pm: Poster Session

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