Biswajit Banerjee (Sumon)


Greetings! My name is Biswajit, although I am also known as Sumon by my close cycle. I am a bioinformatics masters student with 4 years of Machine Learning industry experience. Currently, I am contributing to the research for finding the Origin of Life under the guidance of Professor Loren Williams. 
Simultaneously, I am involved in some research regarding Generative and Explainable Artificial Intelligence. My interest lies in self-sustaining autonomous systems, Reinforcement Learning, Protein Engineering, Robotics. However, I am always open to engaging in stimulating conversations about a plethora of topics, as I find joy in discovering and sharing intriguing facts with others.

Research Interests

Areas of Specialization:

  • Machine Learning: Bio-informatics, Record-breaking Performance Improvements
  • Computer Vision: Image Segmentation, Object Detection, Open Set Identification
  • Big Data: Data Processing, ETL Pipelines, Large-scale Data Handling
  • Data Science: Data Analysis, Visualization, Insight Interpretation

Research Interests:

Computer Vision, Generative AI, Diffusion Models, Protein Engineering, Origin of Life.