MS Core Curriculum

Master of Science in Bioinformatics - Requirements
(as of 2022-2023 catalog year)
Core classes = 21 semester hours
Electives = 15 semester hours
Total = 36 semester hours

Core Curriculum for the MS Bioinformatics Degree
Substitution of any of these core courses requires permission of the program director.

Offered fall semesters:

Offered spring semesters:

Offered fall and spring semesters:

Offered fall, spring, and summer semesters:

*MSBINF Capstone may be fulfilled by several allowable courses, including:

  • BIOL 6600, Evolution
  • BIOL 7111, Molecular Evolution
  • BIOL 7015, Cancer Biology
  • BIOL 8510, Epigenetics
  • BIOL 8530, Human Evolutionary Genomics
  • BIOL 8803, Applied Human Computational Genomics
  • CEE 6720, Environmental Microbial Genomics
  • CSE 6242, Data and Visual Analytics

Electives for the MS Bioinformatics Degree
Students may choose from a wide range of graduate courses in Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Sciences, Computational Sciences and Engineering, Chemistry, Industrial and Systems Engineering, and Mathematics.  For a full list of recommended electives, please see: