Recommended Courses

Listed below are classes that are applicable to either the PhD or MS programs.

Bioinformatics & Computational Biology courses:
Other relevant graduate courses are allowed as electives.
BIOS 4401:  Experimental Design and Statistical Methods
BIOL 6150:  Genomics & Applied Bioinformatics
BIOL 6422:  Theoretical Ecology
BIOL 6720:  Environmental Microbial Genomics
BIOL 7111:  Molecular Evolution
BIOL 7200:  Programming for Bioinformatics
BIOL 7210:  Computational Genomics
BIOL 8530:  Human Evolutionary Genomics
BIOL 8803:  Predictive Health Genomics

Biology & Biochemistry courses:
Other relevant BIOL and CHEM graduate courses are allowed as electives.
BIOS 4545:  Human Genetics
BIOL 6600:  Evolution
BIOL 6720: Environmental Microbial Genomics
BIOL 7010:  Advanced Cell Biology
BIOL 7015:  Cancer Biology
BIOL 7914:  Advances in Bacteriology
BIOL 7963:  Advances in Molecular Biology
BIOL 7964:  Advances in Genetics
CHEM 6485:  Computational Chemistry
CHEM 6501:  Biochemistry I
CHEM 6502:  Biochemistry II
CHEM 6571:  Enzymology and Metabolism
CHEM 6572:  Macromolecular Structure
CHEM 6573:  Molecular Biochemistry
CHEM 6581:  Protein Crystallography
CHEM 6583:  Drug Design and Discovery
CHBE 6765:  Drug Design, Discovery and Development

Biomedical Engineering Courses:
Other relevant graduate courses in BMED are allowed as electives.
BMED 4477:  Bio Networks & Genomics
BMED 6517: Machine Learning Biosciences
BMED 6700:  Biostatistics
BMED 6779:  Bioprocess Engineering
BMED 6780:  Medical Image Processing

Mathematics & Computer Science Courses:
Other relevant graduate courses in CS, CSE, ISYE, and BMED are allowed as electives.
CS 4400:  Introduction to Database Systems 
CS 6230:  High Performance Parallel Computing
CS 6300:  Software Development Process
CS 6310:  Software Architecture and Design
CS 6320:  Software Requirements Analysis and Specifications
CS 6330:  Software Generation, Testing and Maintenance
CS 6411:  Object-Oriented Database Models and Systems
CS 6455:  User Interface Design and Evaluation
CS 6480:  Computer Visualization Techniques
CS 6485:  Visualization Methods for Science and Engineering
CS 6505:  Computability, Algorithms and Complexity
CS 6550:  Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CS 6705:  Applications of Artificial Intelligence
CS 7450:  Information Visualization
CS 7492:  Simulation of Biology
CS 7510:  Graph Algorithms
CS 7610:  Modeling and Design
CS 7641:  Machine Learning
CS 7645:  Numerical Machine Learning
CSE 6242:  Data and Visual Analytics
ISYE 7401:  Advanced Statistical Modeling
MATH 3215:  Probability & Statistics
MATH 4280:  Information Theory
MATH 6014:  Graph Theory
MATH 6262:  Statistical Estimation
MATH 6266:  Linear Statistical Models
MATH 6267:  Multivariate Statistical Analysis
MATH 6705:  Modeling and Dynamics
MATH 6761:  Stochastic Processes I
MATH 6762:  Stochastic Processes II
MATH 7016:  Combinatorics
MATH 7018:  Probabilistic Methods in Combinatorics