Securing an MSBINF GRA

Computational Biology Faculty Research Awards

We offer GRA positions after one semester of full-time study. The first time that fall 2024 incoming students will be eligible for GRA’s is spring 2025 semester. Students with significant outside funding (i.e., Fellowship) are not eligible for the GRA.

The most important step to become eligible for GRA’s is to secure “research for academic credit” in the fall semester. You can begin contacting professors of interest early by email if you wish, or you can meet with various labs at our MSBINF orientation and poster session in August. You will interview with the labs from August 13-23 and must register with your lab of choice before close of registration at 4:00pm on August 23.

In November, we will send a “call for GRA proposals.” MS Bioinformatics students enrolled full-time in good academic standing, with at least one semester of research completed (or in-progress) are eligible to apply. Students need to submit a 3-page research proposal, a CV/resume, and a recommendation letter from your research advisor. Historically, well over half of the applicants have been selected for GRA’s. You need to apply each semester and funding is awarded competitively.

Approximate GRA application deadlines:
+ November 1 for spring semester
+ April 1 for summer semester
+ July 1 for fall semester

Computational Biology Faculty Research Awards:
Bioinformatics Faculty:
Areas of Specialization:

Please note that GTA (teaching assistantship) positions in the School of Biological Sciences are generally reserved for PhD students. Continuing MS students will receive an interest survey each semester if they would like to be considered for GTA's, however, most MS students are not selected for GTA's. The GTA assignments are handled by a committee, and not selected by the course instructors.