• 99% graduate job placement in Bioinformatics

  • Revolutionary science in over 30 faculty labs

  • The interdisciplinary Bioinformatics PhD program spans six academic units

  • Two degree options: PhD or Professional Master's program

  • First Bioinformatics graduate program in the country


The mission of the Georgia Tech Bioinformatics Graduate Program is to educate and prepare students to reach the forefront of leadership in the fields of bioinformatics and computational biology, and to integrate research and education on the use of information technologies in biology and medicine. The program includes an interdisciplinary doctoral (PhD) program spanning a variety of academic departments at Georgia Tech and a Professional Science Masters (MS) program that prepares students for careers in Bioinformatics.

Bioinformatics Program Research Areas




In a paper recently published in the journal BME Biology, Jordan and his collaborators work to bridge the pharmacogenomic research gap.

Mark Borodovsky and Nadia Boguslavsky are launching an Endowment for the Prize for Excellence in Bioinformatics.

Two human factors - awareness of the virus and fatigue - are battling to control the path of Covid-19.

Researchers have provided new insights into how RNA can help repair major DNA damage.

Student News

Michelle Kim, Bioinformatics PhD student, defended her thesis on October 22, 2020.

Congratulations to Alli Gombolay (PhD), Courtney Astore (MS), Sonali Gupta (MS), and Aaron Pfennig (MS) who were recognized as the 2020...

Aroon Chande, Bioinformatics PhD Student, defended his thesis on July 30, 2020

Congratulations to Bioinformatics doctoral student, Courtney Astore, who was recently selected for a 2020 Healthcare Information and Management...