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I graduated from Vellore Institute of Technology with a degree in Biotechnology . I have interned at Cordlife Sciences India Pvt Ltd, one of Asia's largest stem cell banks as well as Mendine Pharmaceuticals, one of India's oldest pharmaceutical companies. I have worked in different labs during my undergrad on different topics ranging from microbiology to structural biology , but fell in love with bioinformatics  and am currently pursuing an MS in Bioinformatics from Georgia Tech.

Outside work I like to read books, learn new languages , play videogames , run (training for my first marathon) and swim. I love travelling , and will often go on solo-trips , long drives and treks. Feel free to reach out and connect!

I'm fluent in English, Bengali, Hindi and sarcasm.

Research Interests

I currently a graduate research assistant at the Kamerlin lab . My areas of research include:

Machine Learning applications in Bioinformatics and Computational Biochemistry

Natural Language Processing for Enzyme Design

Protein Modelling

Molecular Dynamics