Alli Gombolay


• Ph.D. Student in Bioinformatics, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015-Present
• Master of Public Health in Epidemiology, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University, 2015
• Bachelor of Science in Biology (Spanish minor) with Highest Honor, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013

Research Interests:

Advisor: Dr. Francesca Storici, Co-advisor: Dr. Fredrik Vannberg
Areas of Specialization: Genome stability, RNA biology, ribonucleotide incorporation in DNA, genomics, and bioinformatics
I develop computational methods to map the incorporation of ribonucleotides (rNMPs) into DNA and study their effects on genome stability. rNMPs are the most prevalent non-standard nucleotide found in DNA. rNMPs embedded in DNA can wreak havoc on genome stability and ultimately cause disease. To capture rNMPs incorporated into DNA, the Storici Lab uses our novel method, known as "ribose-seq."
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