Amartya Achin Mandal


I graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology with a Bachelors's in Biotechnology in 2017. After my graduation, I went to the University of Tokyo for Research Internship in the field of Computational genomics. During my brief stint, I explored the field of AI and got hooked on its applications in Life Sciences as a whole. I spent 3.5 years in Industry to get acquainted with this field of Machine Learning and Deep Learning. I was fortunate to work with an early age startup in India with a focus on Radiology images. Currently, I am exploring opportunities where I can apply various developments of AI in Biology
In my free time, I like to capture photographs with my camera, go on long treks, play board games and explore new places. 

Research Interests:

Currently pursuing Graduate Research in Dr. Patrick McGrath's Lab with a focus on machine learning approaches for analyzing social behaviors of Lake Malawi Cichlids. Overall my research interests are: 
Computer vision applications in Biological Data
AI in healthcare with a focus in Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Biomedical Data Analysis
Computational Genomics
Precision medicine