Deepali Lalchand

I work with Francesca Storici as a Bioinformatics Ph.D. Graduate Research Assistant in the Storici Lab at Georgia Institute of Technology. My goal is to delineate presence of ribonucleotides(constructs of RNA) in human genomic DNA finding correlations with other DNA metabolic activities both in cancer and non-cancer cell types. Through my work in The Storici Lab, I have recently co-authored a paper and received US National Science Foundation Conference Award for a poster presentation in RNA Society 2021

Before coming to GeorgiaTech, I have been fortunate to work with amazing doctors and scientists at Hanash Lab in MD Anderson Cancer Center and have been a part of incredible effort in diagnostics of Lung Cancer Risk Assessment Biomarkers.

Research Interests

I work at the intersection of biology, statistics, and computation  with a strong application focus on the field of genomics and epigenomics. My long term interests are in exploring the role of Bioinformatics in Translational Research, fast-tracking the application of benchside molecular techniques to bedside applications like Personalized Medicine, Preventative medicine, Diagnostics, Therapeutics.