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Luper Tsenum

I completed my undergraduate program from the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi-Nigeria in March 2015 with a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry. Having done only wet lab projects during my undergraduate, I saw a gap between wet lab and dry lab and with a view of closing this gap, I decided that I will enroll for Bioinformatics in my graduate program. I then proceeded for my Master's in Applied Bioinformatics at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (National Research University) - MIPT, Russian Federation where I graduated in July 2021. During my Master's program in Moscow, I worked on different deep learning architectures to predict triplex structure formation between long non-coding RNAs and specific DNA binding sites and their role in transcriptional control and chromatin modulation. Currently, I am using classical machine learning methods and deep learning architectures to predict biomarkers of human diseases (e.g sepsis, cancer, etc) from lncRNAs. 

Areas of Specialization
Bioinformatics, Artificial Intelligence (Machine learning-deep learning), Biomarker Discovery, Drug Discovery/Repurposing, Human Diseases (Sepsis, Cancer etc), biochemistry.
Research Interests

I am interested in the discovery of biomarkers of human diseases from lncRNAs uisng machine learning methods, deep learning architectures and bioinformatic tools. I am also interested in multiomics studies for biomarker discovery and drug discovery/repurposing for human diseases using artificial intelligence.