I moved to USA from India in 2010 and currently work as a Research Scientist I at Marcus Center for Cell Characterization and Manufacturing, Georgia Institute of Technology. I have eight years of genomics research experience at Tech and 4 years of experience in cleanroom lab at Georgia Tech and food microbiology industry. In addition to working in academia, I have worked in the manufacturing and food manufacturing industries. I have a BS. in Microbiology and MS. in Microbiology and MBA with major in HR and minor specialized in marketing.
My research at my current position is based on therapeutic cell characterization for predictive clinical applications and improvement of therapeutic cell manufacturing. I work is focused in Genomics specifically on Single Cell RNA multiomics wet lab experiments as well as different DNA and RNA genomics assays and the next generation sequencing data analysis. I have experience in MSC cell culture and different cell charaterization assays. I future interests are in Predictive health genomics, Cellular immunotherapy and Biomedical health informatics to identify critical quality attributes and biomarkers leading to improve the cell therapy research and efficient and affordable therapeutic cell manufacturing for next generation personalized drug design and medicine.
I enjoy Acrylic texture painting in my leisure time.  
MC3M Center,

Research Interests

I am interested  specifically in Genomics applied bioinformatics, cellular immunotherapy, Predictive health genomics and Biomedical health informatics applicable to the cell therapy research and therapeutic cell manufacturing. I want to contribute to the research leading to efficient and affordable next generation personalized cell therapy and medicine.