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I graduated with a Bachelor's + Master's of Technology in Biological Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras in 2020. I previously worked with 2 biomedical data science startups (Nference, Elucidata) as a Bioinformaticist. I am passionate about bio-entrepreneurship and in 2020 co-founded India Biotech Leaders of Tomorrow (IBLoT) to build a community of biotech leaders of tomorrow and today, to accelerate the growth of the Indian biotech ecosystem.
Outside of this, I play football, the guitar, listen to a lot hip-hop/ lyrical rap, curate playlists on Spotify and like to go on long drives.
Feel free to reach out, I'm always looking to connect and discuss ideas & opportunities!

Research Interests

I'm currently pursuing graduate research in Dr. Peng Qiu's Machine Learning and Bioinformatics (MLB) lab. My broad research interests are:
Machine learning applications in bioinformatics, early-stage drug discovery, and healthcare
Multi-omics and multi-modal biomedical data integration.
Survival analysis in cancer
Single-cell analysis
Precision medicine

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Scientist II, Computational Biology and Machine Learning at Cellarity
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